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Build Lucrative Relationships

The fortune is in the follow-up. Oprius organizes you so that you don't miss any follow-up and can grow your business

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Why Oprius?
Do what you do best and let us take care your follow-up
Move32% Increased Salesmore product

With one central place to manage your calls, tasks, contacts, emails, and appointments, you’ll never lose track of any opportunity.

Conquer communication

Oprius offers built-in team notifications so that you can keep your team up-to-date with important information, and you can “listen” to what your upline wants you to hear.

IncreasedIncrease Your Focusfocus

Oprius was designed and built from the ground up using leading-edge technology that keeps things simple. We’ve done testing to make sure that somebody with virtually no computer experience can use the software effectively.

Save time with automation

Oprius' leading-edge “Relationship Builder” allows you to automate any sales process by sending emails or scheduling activities at the appropriate time so no customers slip through the cracks.

Grow yourGrow Your Teamteam

Build landing pages to introduce prospects to your opportunity, then have them sign up to your email autoresponder or newsletter to learn more.

We can help

The Support team at Oprius have sales and business training. They know how to help you use the system effectively so that your business soars.