Turning Customers Into Loyal Product Ambassadors


Why Just Have Happy Customers?

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Turning Customers Into Loyal Product Ambassadors

We read a lot about ways to convert your leads into customers, and that's still a huge struggle for a lot of people. However, people forget about the importance of improving the relationships you have with your existing customers.

We all know that it costs more time and money to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one, but so often people forget to take the necessary actions to keep their customers happy. If this is your only goal, then you can create a plan to make them just happy enough to continue buying your products. However, if turning your customers into loyal product ambassadors is your goal, then you need to plan for it right from the start.

For anyone in network marketing it's important to remember that often times an ecstatic customer can become a superstar distributor. That means that really investing the time into your customers could mean the difference between a handful of unexcited customers and a downline of passionate distributors building a booming business for you.

So how do you go about creating this kind of customer loyalty and excitement? Quite simply you need to build a strong relationship with each of your customers, and you can't build relationships without communication and a sense of give and take.

If this is your goal then you'll need to communicate with your customers more than once every couple of months asking them to place another order. That's why you should spend some time right away to create a follow up plan for your customers if you don't already have one. You'll also need a system where you can track what stage of your plan everyone is on, and know who you talked to about what.

Your follow up plan should cater to the lifestyle of your customers. If your customers are extremely busy and spend a lot of time on the computer, then most of your follow up could be done by email. If most of your customers are people you know on some level, then your follow up could include taking them out for coffee or talking over the phone. A good follow up plan will generally include a combination of different types of contact with your customers.

Building a solid relationship with your customers is no different from any other type of relationship; you need to give and take. Try and make sure that all of your contact with them isn't based solely around new products they can buy from you or seeking referrals. Offer them some value from time to time with no direct benefit to yourself. Tell them something they may not know about a product they've already bought, or offer them a discount off their next order.

Once you've come up with the right follow up plan for your customers, it's important to find a system to track what you have done, and what to do next. A pen and notebook will only work for so long before it becomes too stressful and overwhelming to manage. There are some systems available that will let you track all of your customer information. The best ones automate some of the follow up for you by sending out emails you've written in advance or automatically scheduling calls and tasks for you.

Once you have a system to help build loyal product ambassadors, start building. There are probably a handful of customers you could follow up with right now.

Alan Smith – CEO