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Sales Contact Management Software
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Contacts With History

Contacts With History

Know exactly what you have done with each of your Contacts.
Followup Made Easy

Followup Made Easy

Automatically send emails and be reminded to followup with Contacts.
Organize Phone Calls

Stress Free Calling

Quickly schedule calls, then make them with our Phone Assistant.
Lead Capture Pages

Generate Leads

Easily create Lead Capture Pages and web forms from scratch.
Email Integration

Email Lists Of Contacts

Manage your personal Email and List Mails all in one place.
Task Management

Get Things Done

Enjoy scratching the tasks off your list as you complete them.
Manage Phone Calls

Appointment Bliss

Intuitive calendar as simple to use as the one on your fridge.

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    “Email listing is one of the best part of Oprius. As a luxury watch seller, we sell different brands of watches. We can easily divide and organize the customers to do the retargeting marketing with Oprius. For example, for the customers bought Rolex watches we can send the promotional materials of the specific brands.”

Jack, photographer from New York   

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